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migraines & diet

Hello, all!

First let me apologize since this is going to be off-topic, but I really 
didn't know where else to turn.  If anyone can help me out please email 
me privately.

I am a vegetarian (no flesh at all) and I try to steer clear of dairy and 
eggs as well.  I have always suffered from headaches, and migraines run 
in my family.  Well, this past weekend I attended a wedding with a 
sumptuous buffet, and I decided to eat my fill of the dairy and egg 
products (no flesh).  The following morning I also enjoyed a buffet 
breakfast at the hotel where we stayed, again eating dairy and eggs.  
Come Sunday night, I had the headache to end all headaches.  Painkillers 
did no good, sleeping did no good, and it lasted a full three days.  I 
work and go to grad school full time, so I can not afford to miss 
work/school.  I'm also uninsured and so I can't really afford to see a 
doctor or buy prescription medication.  Has anyone out there had any 
experience with controlling migraines through diet and/or 
vitamin/mineral/herbal suppliments?  Do you know of any connection 
between eating dairy/eggs and migraine headaches?  I'd appreciate any 
replies, as I can't stand the thought of going through another three days 
of this.  Thanks in advance, and again I apologize for the off-topic post.