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Rice and Lentil dish & skillet meal

Debbie, sorry for not seeing the four cups of water on the recipe. 
Guess my a.m. eyes were too cloudy to see it.  The recipe sounds great. 
I'm into one dish meals.  I tend to make too many things for dinner. 
Last night I told my husband we must stop these daily Thanksgiving
Dinners.  For a while, one dish and a salad or bread.  Makes cleanup
simpler too and less food.  Although I don't gain weight, I don't lose
any either.  That last ten pounds is really hard to dump.  Sorry again,
and thanks for the post.  Speaking of one dish meals, here's one I make
often and it's great.  I don't know where I found it, but it is now a
staple in our house.

Macaroni and TVP Skillet Dinner

1-1/2 C. Elbow macaroni uncooked 
1 C. TVP (Textured vegetable protien)
3 T. dried onions
1 T. dried Italian spices  
1/2 tsp. salt
1  28oz. can crushed tomatoes
1 C. frozen peas
2 C. water or broth

Put all ingredients, except peas, into a large skillet.  Bring to boil,
simmer covered for 15 minutes until pasta is tender.  Add more water if
necessary.  Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.  Add peas during last
five minutes.