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"Rice Krispie" Treats

Seth!!!  Amazing, I've been working on the same thing, though you beat me to
the punch in asking for help.

I read the label of some Health Valley treats, and there was a lot of
ingredients, including flour, I think.  Anyway, I was going to try brown
rice syrup rather than honey, perhaps a touch of barley malt, and if it is
too loose and/or sticky, perhaps mixing in some nonfat dry milk and a little
barley flour. I have a bag of plain puffed brown rice, and I might stick
some Oatios (like Cheerios) in for good measure.  Maybe some Sunspire chips
too ("healthy" chocolate chips) or Sundrops ("healthy" M&M's).

Do you think these should be baked at all, or just mixed and left to sit?

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