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Since everyone else is fessin' up, I'll add mine. I have lost 12 lbs. since
becoming a vegetarian...I am proud of this, but I had hoped the pounds
would continue to drain off...I know my problem is the fat in fast food,
and I try to watch it. But I love chocolate. How many times can one make FF
brownies when one longs for Zero bars, Choclairs, Suchard truffle bars...ah

On the bright side, I love popcorn and bought myself a hot-air popper a
long time ago (better butter on air popped, I thought). I can't eat animal
fats now, and didn't want to get hooked on margarine-coated PC, and truly
wanted something FF and tasty, so I tried the Amino Acids in a spray
bottle, and it WORKED!!! Tasty popcorn that was FF!!! Not soggy at ALL!!!

YES!!! I love this group.

Sylvia   8-)  +

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