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Ornish in AZ?

Does anyone know if there is an Ornish program in the Pheonix metro area?  My
mother-in-law is going in for a bypass operation on Thursday this week and we
are encouraging her to change her eating habits and lifestyle so that she
will not have to face this urgency about her health again.  I think that an
in-patient clinical program would be very helpful for her, but I'm not
certain if there is a hospital or clinic which does this in her area.  I
would appreciate any help that you can give me on this -- otherwise the
bypass will just have to be repeated if she keeps eating the fatty foods that
got her in the hospital in the first place.  We got her the Reversing Heart
Disease book already, but the changes are not ones which she is able to
sustain without some extra help.  Thanks in advance!
- Christy Hardin Smith