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Mastercook and converting recipes

I have an older version of Mastercook and have not been able to convert the
recipes from the digest into Mastercook format to import them into my
cookbook using the instructions from Christine Muehili in previous postings.
I did, however, download a program from a website that I have been able to
convert the text into the MC format and it works wonderfully.  The site is:

There is an option to download the program TXTTOM.ZIP.  For those of us who
depend on our Mastercook recipes to give us nutritional information as well
as inspire us to keep cooking fatfree and vegetarian, this has been a
godsend.  I am now in the process of converting the recipes from the digest
archives into my cookbook.

To Lynn, who is looking for good non-stick cookware.  Try T-Fal.  I have had
it for years and it is still in perfect condition.  You can buy single
pieces to see if you like it before you buy a whole set.
Joan Schilling