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ff spray/chili pepper cancer/list rules

Shawn, anything less than a gram of fat is referred to as O fat on
labels.  If you spray from a can for one second or less, it less than
one gram of fat.  You're just using less.  A friend of mine's husband
was asked by his wife to use the spray rather than regular oil.  Well,
he thought since it was ff, he just sprayed and sprayed until his pan
had as much as he would have used from the bottle.  Oh,well......

The same goes for "I Can't believe it's not Butter" spray.  They say at
the customer service center that ten sprays equal one gram of fat.  So
much for saturation sprays on those veggies and popcorn.

I've read both sides of this issue about chili peppers causing ulcers
and cancer.  I know when I eat too many, my stomach does hurt for a
while afterwards.  I have no statistics to share, but I believe
everything in moderation is the best substitute for exact science.  I've
also read the Asians get stomach cancer from too much salt in their

Donna, there are rules for the list.  When you subscribed, they should
have been sent to you.  Some people don't read these copious notes. 
However, I beieve Michelle Dick has done an outstanding job of keeping
this list clear of clutter.  Some of the others are absolutely
incredible with the kinds of unchecked discussions that have nothing
whatsoever to do with food and nutrition.   
Julie G.  Fryin' in Fresno