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Re: Travel Requests for Restaurants

To present a viewpoint from a relative newcomer to this list:
The responses to people's restaurant requests have been interesting and
encouraging, like the list in general. They have made me feel much more
optimistic about what is available when travelling. I have saved posts
about some cities I had been to in which I was stumped as to where to eat.
If I don't see a response to a request, I think the reason must be no one
has an answer (unless a private response is requested, in which case I think 
there is already so much time pressure, s/he could not handle requests for 
forwards). I assume the rise in restaurant posts is a seasonal thing--it's 
vacation time--like posts about holiday topics in November. One problem with 
unwritten rules about what should not be posted is that they set up newcomers 
to embarrass themselves by doing the wrong thing. I hope this adds a 
different viewpoint to the stew!