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Travel Postings, etc.

The, recommended, Vegetarian Journal's Guide To Natural Foods Restaurants
in the U.S. and Canada is a decent reference.  Its major problem is
remaining updated. I've had the '93 edition for a couple of years.  A
sizeable number of it's restaurants were out of business when I attempted
to contact them. I also attempted to contact some of its listed tour
services. Most were out of business.  Again, IT IS A GOOD START!

FF travel postings have been quite helpful to me because, oftentimes, I
cannot obtain valid and up-to date info about an intended destination. FF
postings are great for overcoming this.  Example: Last December, a poster
recommended a restaurant as vegetarian friendly.  I happened to be visiting
that city within a couple of weeks of the posting.  The restaurant was a
steak and bbq ribs place and not veg friendly at all. Fellow posters keep
us apprised.

The other, and best resource, is http://www.veg.org/veg/Guide/USA/State
(name)/City(name).html. Example: In a couple of weeks, I'm heading for a
vegetarian accommodation which specializes in hiking in the Canadian
Rockies.  It provides, housing, vegetarian meals to meet one's dietary
requirements, massages guided daily hikes and much more.  After using the
above web address to communicate with various vegetarian societies in the
U.S. and Canada, I received an e-mail from the past president of Canadian
Veg society with this  recommendation.

Let's keep on posting.