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Re: Brewer's & Nutritional Yeasts

Sorry about the duplicate post on this topic one day last week. The copy was
intended for an individual, not the list.

On my latest visit to a hfs, I took a closer look at the KAL yeast bag and 
made a surprising discovery. (When Tracy was looking for yeast that has zinc, 
I posted that KAL brewer's has a natural presence of 3.1 mg zinc per 15 
grams.) Even though the label says "brewers" in large lettering, the contents 
are actually nutritional yeast! This was evident because the word "primary" 
was on the label. I called KAL for clarification. The reason the label says 
"brewers" is simply tradition. The company was selling inactive brewer's 
yeast as a nutritional supplement before what is called nutritional yeast 
came into existence. Because the species of yeast didn't change, no need was 
perceived to change the name "brewers" to "nutritional," even though the 
yeast is now grown on blackstrap molasses.