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I really like muesli too, but have never made my own.  Here's the recipe (or
guidelines) for making muesli from scratch that i found in my cookbook The
All Natural Allergy Cookbook by Jeanne Marie Martin:

Muesli and other raw cereals are usually made with rolled, cracked, or
flaked whole grains, ground or chopped nuts and seeds, and sometimes
shredded coconut, raisins, or other dried fruits.  If the cereal is organic
or contains very tough, fibrous grains, prepare it the same way as soaked
organic rolled oats.  If the cereal is just natural and less fibrous,
prepare it the same as soaked natural rolled oats

ORGANIC ROLLED OATS are smaller and rounder than natural rolled oats and
must be soaked for several hours or overnight before eating, unless they are
"crushed" or chopped after rolling, then they soak or cook as easily as
natural oats.  These are usually found only in HFSs and are almost always
labeled "organic."  After soaking in 1.5 c. water per 1 c. oats, drain off
excess water (if any) and serve with sweetener, milk substitute and/or fruit.
NATURAL ROLLED OATS (regular or old-fashioned):  Soak 1 c. oats in 1 c. very
warm water for 10-15 minutes.  Add flavoring and/or cut fruit, and serve.

*NOTE:  Thew muesli I buy at the HFS I always just eat raw in a little milk
with no preparation,  so I don't know what it would be like without the
soaking described here. One time, I tried to imitate Kashi, the Breakfast
Pilaf, and I bought a TON of each ingredient and mixed it all up to have on
hand.  It was GROSS, and i ended up throwing it all out.

Hope this gives you something to work with.

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