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unfried french fries

Here is my version of unfried french fries which have no added fat or
animal products.

1 or more russet potatoes cut into french fries style (I leave on the
Your favorite vinegar (I use rice vinegar)
Your favorite spice such as salt, cajun, or chili powder etc.

Put the cut potatoes into a bowl with enough vinegar to coat them well.
Put the potatoes on a microwave dish and sprinkle them with your favorite
spice.  The vinegar will make the spice stick to the potatoes just like
the egg white does in rosie's recipe.  Mircrowave them on high for 9-13
minutes depending on your microwave and the thickness of your french
fries. I usually do mine for 10 minutes and I have a very small microwave.

Celeste Gafarian
Honolulu, HI