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French toast recipe

I use to have a vegan french toast recipe but can not find it so this is
from memory because I have not made it in a long time.  I soaked WW bread
in a mixture of soy milk and ripe bananas.  Put the milk and bananas in a
blender to make a smooth mixture.  Then sprinkle the bread with cinnamon
after soaking it in the mixture.  I cooked it in a nonstick pan and
wiped the pan with a bit of vegetable oil or spray to prevent sticking but
did not let the french toast fry in oil.  I suppose you can bake this,
but I never thought of that.  There may have been some other ingredients
to this recipe but I cannot remember.  I hope this helps you get started.
If you come up with something better, let us all know. 

Celeste Gafarian
Honolulu, HI  gafarian@xxxxxxxxxx