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re:unfried potatoes

How to get around using the eggs in the recipe for Unfried Potatoes?

During the summer months when the family all gathered at the cabin on 
the weekends for sun, food, and fun my grandpa used to always make the 
potatoes for the family breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. 

He would first microwave the potatoes, slice them, arrange them on a 
cookie sheet (or any other flat metal cooking sheet), shake spices over 
the top of the sliced potatoes- (pepper, seasoning salt, and sometimes red 
pepper flakes), pop them in the oven under the broiler until the tops of 
the potatoes brown up a bit, them he would flip the spuds and brown the 
other sides, remove from oven and serve. Voila, no oil and no eggs.

(if you do experience problems with the potatoes sticking to the pan, 
squirt only a little tiny bit of oil on the potatoes before placing them 
under the broiler.)

Tricia Rusch
Arizona State University