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Re: Mountain Potato

It looks like the mountain potato is called jinenjo root. I hope the person
who wanted the info sees this, as I don't still have the post so can't send a
cc. The only potatoes I saw mentioned in At Home with Japanese Cooking
(Andoh, 1980) were sato imo (country potatoes, often sold as taro potatoes),
satsuma imo (sweet potatoes), and yama imo (glutinous yams). But when I was
rooting around in the pantry, I found jinenjo noodles (which resemble
whole-wheat spaghetti except they are flat), and the sub-heading is "wild
mountain potato pasta." The ingredients are jinenjo root, buckwheat flour and
whole wheat flour. I don't know where I bought these--probably not an ethnic
market, as nothing is written in Japanese. They were imported by Soken
Trading, Mill Valley, CA 94941, and the brand is Soken. (In cool weather when
the mood strikes me, I concoct a soup with vegetables, tofu, Japanese noodles
and a little dried seaweed and call it Shipwreck Soup! We conduct a search 
in our bowls with chopsticks and drink whatever is left over after that.) 
Does anyone have info on the nutritional content of jinenjo root?