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Re: FATFREE Digest V96 #230

> The waiter said to me "fish sauce vegetarian!!" and when I explained
> that I did not want the fish sauce and could he ask the cook to leave
> it out, he again said, in a slightly louder voice "fish sauce
> vegetarian!!" (At this point, whether it was or wasn't vegetarian
> should have been no concern of his. In fact, I had never said that I
> was a vegetarian, I had only requested that there be no fish sauce in
> my meal. His response and reaction were rude at the very least.) He
> finally went back into the kitchen to ask what dishes did not have
> fish sauce and came back and told me that every dish contained fish
> sauce.
> Not a happy dining experience and I have not returned there. I hope
> that there are other restaurants [and waiters] who are more willing to
> accomodate their paying/tipping clients.
> jayne

He was perhaps asking you if you wanted  vegetarian fish sauce which I have seen in 
Oriental stores. It is made of mushroom extract, among other things.