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coriander/low fat kids/ recipe-ette for rattatouille/ hot pepper sauces

not really a fat free issue, but you might want to try cardomom seed in
coffee.  the restaurant at the Tabard Inn in DC used to do it-- i think Nora,
now of Nora's restaurant was the chef at the time.  cinnamon is good, too, if
you like it.

Little kids do need some fat in their diets. The person who included some
added fats was on the right track although I'd try to use more things like
peanut butter and olive oil and nuts  other non-animal sources (vs. 2% milk
and cheese & heaven knows what transfats in margarine).   although my kids
still eat more fat that they need, so i probably shouldn't talk!

Made a wonderful rattatouille last night--simmered eggplant, yellow squash,
onions, garlic, a 28oz can of tomatoes, a 6 oz can of tomato paste, a splash
of rice wine vinegar and a bag of frozen lima beans to make it a one dish,
protein adequate affair.  served it on bulghar wheat.   added a little hot
sauce (yucatan sunshine is our current favorite) at serving. 

 by the way, Dewey Beach, Delaware has a little shop called Peppers that is a
hot sauce haven.  They do mail order, phone number is 1-800-998-FIRE.  No
affiliation, just love hot sauce and this place seemed to have everything,
including Melinda's Special Reserve and some arguably lethal items "under the
counter."   At some point i think hot sauce is a matter of diminishing
returns (ie, so hot it blunts out taste) but it is a VLF eaters saving grace.