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re: Coriander question

Can't say I fancy corriander in coffee but it's uses are legion......

1. It's an essential element in lots of Indian-style dishes. Put it 
in to 'saute' fairly early on so it cooks a little. Often used in 
combination with cumin......

2. Can be used in generally-spicy dishes. For example it goes well 
with carrot and/or orange. Microwave some with the zest from an 
orange (ideally in a drop or two of fat - CAUTION it gets hot), then
to some carrots with flesh and microwave a bit more.

3. Put quite a lot in to make spice-bread. Can be either sweet (add 
pre-soaked dried fruit) or savoury.

It's not an unpleasant spice so I can't imagine any inedible 
outcomes. Just see what you like.


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