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coriander question

Dear friends,
I always get so much out of this list and am disappointed when I don't have
time each day to read my digest.  You're all such a good resource.  My
question is about coriander and what to do with it.  I bought some ground
coriander because I read that it tastes good in coffee.  Well, I now know I
don't like it in my coffee.  What else does one do with it?  Does it go well
with sweet or savory or both?

I also have a suggestion for those with fast-paced, hectic lives.  I am
always glad for ways to prepare ahead on the weekends.  You all may already
know about this, but a friend suggested chopping 3 or 4 bunches of cilantro
(I do it in the food processor) along with a clove or two of garlic and a
small amount of vinegar.  It doesn't take very long to do this all at once
and (because of the vinegar, I think) it keeps well in the refridgerator all
week.  I was chopping small amounts each time I needed some.  This stuff is
great in salsas and I also mix it in with steamed rice or cooked lentils
along with other spices and hot sauces.  So nice to only have that mess once
a week to clean up.

One more thing...Gretchen J. Henderson Gergory's soup mix is wonderful.  I
began experimenting with different spices and flavorings and discovered how
good this soup is with a combination of about one part Five Spice powder and
two parts cumin.  I stir this in after the cooking is done and then add a
few drops of tobasco.  Yummm. ...and it's not even winter yet.

Thanks everyone.

Kathleen E. Desch
Fayetteville, GA