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Re: Aussie/German recipes?

Thanks to everyone for all their suggestions for Caribbean Night at my 
club!  All of the veggie dishes went over very well, and we "only" had to 
serve one meat and one seafood dish!  The "Callaloo Soup" was excellent!  
Next month is "Dinner Down Under" featuring Australian food (aboriginal 
or British) and then in October-- Germany, of course.  Thus far on the 
Web I have only found a handful of "Aussie" dishes, and most of them 
involve kangaroo.  So, anyone who has suggestions, recipes, or URLs-- 
I'll be eternally grateful!  Our chef is great about making the majority 
of the buffet vegetarian as long as I give him good recipes!

Internationally veggily yours,

Cynthia Barnes      cbarnes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx