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Sugar and MSG.

Someone posted on this list a few weeks ago, on how some brands of sugar are 
filtered through charocal made from cow bones. This is how sugar can be 
defined as not vegan from some manufacturers. There was also a post that 
highlighted a corporate response from C&H sugar manufacturers and they said 
that their Hawaiian Raw Sugar was not filtered through cow bones, but their 
other varieties could be. Even though I'm quoting this from memory -- I do 
want to make the point that this was a valid topic and not a myth.

MSG, if used in small amounts, can be identified as natural flavorings on 
labels. There are other ingredients that have similar properties as MSG 
(esp. to those who are already allergic to MSG): sodium nitrate, hydrolyzed 
vegetable protein, vegetable broth, etc. If I suspect MSG or a like 
substance in a package, then I just don't buy it. Also watch for labels that 
say: NO ADDED MSG. This means that no MSG was ADDED, but could already be 
INCLUDED from another ingredient.