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vegan cornbread

To make vegan baked goods, look for recipes that call for buttermilk and
then use orange juice instead.  You can usually omit any eggs, compensating
with a little more liquid if the batter seems dry (but using juice instead
of buttermilk will make make it more liquidy anyway, and remember that
batters vary tremendously in consistency from one recipe to the next).  This
works because buttermilk recipes rely for their rising on an acid-alkali
reaction between the acidic buttermilk and the alkali baking soda (or
powder).  Orange juice is just as acidic, so poof! up it goes!  There's a
wonderful recipe for Raspberry Corn Muffins that in _Stilllife with Menu_ by
Mollie Katzen, which I've converted to vegan in just this way.

Good luck,

Don Ulin