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veggie broth

I save all my "scraps" from the veggies I have used in my cooking. I put 
them in 
plastic bags in the freezer. When I get two or three large bags of scrap 
veggies (or, I'm really bored on a weekend) I throw the frozen masses 
into a large covered pot with water with either a cut in half pear or apple 
and spices (a bit of pepper, salt, bay leaf, sometimes a bit of basil) 
And, boil boil boil. I cook the mess until the whole house smells...usually 1 
hour...sometimes more. Then, I drain the 'juice' into another container 
removing all the veggie bits and pieces.. and let the liquid cool down. 
(make sure to remove the bay leaf.) When, it is cool enough to handle I 
ladle the liquid into zip-lock bags and freeze.(I usually divide them up 
into 2 cup baggies of liquid). Voila, my freezer is full of veggie broth for 
at least a month.
By using Scraps, it doesnt seem like your wasting the entire vegetable to 
make broth, right. Plus when your done making the broth the scraps can 
still go on the compost pile :-)

Tricia Rusch
Arizona State University