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FF potato chips; preparing for surgery

Hi everyone,

I used to be a more active contributor, but have become somewhat of a lurker
now. I still love the list madly of course ;-)   I have a question and a
recommendation. First the recommendation:

At some point, I became OBSESSED with making the best FF potato chips
possible. Aftr trying several other microwave devices, I finally got
something at the CVS (local drugstore chain) called the "Micro-Chip" by a
brand called K-tel. It was about $15, and it works great! It comes with a
slicer, which I've never used since I love my food processor, and a lid which
is supposed to let you steam veggies. (I never use that either.) It's well
worth the money. It takes me about 20 minutes to make a good amount of chips,
which I season with salt, Old Bay, barbecue sauce, or all three. Yum. I also
tried sweet potato chips yesterday which didn't work quite as well but were
still tasty. I sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar. Anyway, just a
recommendation for folks with a similar obsession.

Now the question: I have to have some surgery done in early October--I've got
7 weeks exactly until the day. I was hoping some of you vitamin-knowledgeable
types (or anyone else for that matter!) could pass on some pointers for
encouraging my body to be in the best possible condition to undergo surgery
and to heal quickly and well afterward. It's a fairly minor outpatient
procedure that should take about 2 and 1/2 hours, but I'm worried about the
effects of anasthesia and especially about the scarring, which will be in a
prominent location. :-(   Any help would be very much appreciated.