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Re Mountain Potato

Grated yamaimo is white and VERY gooey. (Grated daikon is not gooey
at all in comparison, more like grated apples).

I've seen it once in a while in Japanese/Chinese markets fresh, it
has a brown skin (sort of like a huge brown yam with rough skin...
I guess).  I've also seen a dehydrated powdered product in Japanese
stores, that might be easier to find.   

I always called it yama imo (yes meaning mountain potato).  My favorite
VLF way to eat it would be with cold soba, I add it to the dipping 
sauce with a little wasabi and/or minced scallions.  Or just plain
with soy sauce and a little wasabi (traditionally would be served with
raw tuna).
Hope this helps.
Aiko Pinkoski