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Pickled Ginger


I buy my pickled ginger at an asian grocery store near my house or at the 
farmer's market.  I would tell you the brand name but I don't know 
Chinese.  It is in the fridge section, near the tofu and sprouts at both 
stores.  Be careful, some brands contain saccharine (if you watch that).

I have come pretty close to making the stuff by mixing rice vinegar (1/3 
c) and sugar (2 tbsp) in a pan, heating and stirring till the sugar 
dissolves, then mixing it with water and salt to taste.  I immerse the 
ginger in it and put it in the fridge.  It's not the same thing but as I 
said is pretty close and I try it about once a week using different 
proportions.  It also does not turn out pink, and I am trying to figure 
out where the pink colour comes from.  I will keep you posted -- I am 
trying tomorrow night again!

At any rate, I hope that helps.
Davina C. Lopez						dlopez@xxxxxxxxx
Emory Women's Center, Box 24172				ph  404-727-2000
Atlanta, GA  30322					fx  404-727-2002