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casein, "fried" rice, etc.

Re Casein (in the lf parmesan-like item):  Casein is derived from milk
therefore not vegan but still ovo-lacto-vegetarian.

Re "fried" rice:  This isn't very authentic Chinese but it's how my mom
always made it and I like it:
        Spray large frying pan with whatever spray you like to use (I never
omitted this step but have considered not adding any oil product at all --
I haven't experimented yet).  Add 1 cup white rice and "fry" over
medium-high until lightly toasted (don't burn it -- it's disgusting).  Add
2 cups boiling water (watch out it really steams and sometimes sets off my
smoke detector) in which 2-3 veggie bouillon cubes have been dissolved.
(My mom actually added powdered soup mix -- this is my adaptation).  Cover
and simmer 15 min or so until the liquid is absorbed and rice is done.
        The fun part:  toppings:  "Fried" tofu slices, steamed bean
sprouts, steamed peas, whatever you like but always a sprinkling of green
onion (yum) and of course a liberal dumping of soy sauce.

Re: a very old sensitive topic:  I forget how long ago this was but a new
vegan was having difficulty with gas because of the sudden addition of so
many healthy foods (beans, cabbage,etc.) to her diet.  I saw a remedy of
eating 1 tsp of freshly grated ginger root and 1 tsp lime juice immediately
after eating.  I don't know if this works or not because evidently my body
has adjusted to my diet, but maybe this will help someone.


Jill Bankus
Hershey Medical Center/PSU