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Taco Bell

As a vegetarian college Student who's hobby is long road trips to camp and
climb, And hanging out with bunches of cheapo climbers, I all to frequently
find myself at fast food places, I always try to end up at a Wendys (salad bar, 
baked potato), Subway (veggie sandwhich), or Taco Bell. Taco Bell does not use
lard in their beans, and their tortillas are vegan (!) though not LF.  From
what I've been told, none or their crispy stuff, tostado/taco shells, or salad
bowl things, are cooked in animal fat, though they are fried (HIGH fat). 
Anyway, I found a page that had listings of fast food places and their
veggetarian offerings, If people are interested, I'll post the site, and if you
don't have WWW access, I'll e-mail you the info.  (Give me a couple days, I'm
in the middle of moving!)