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Beans and Burrito's

I know the topic has been about Taco Bell's bean burrito's but I always 
make my own burritos. I just take some pinto's from my large pot I keep 
cooked and in the fridge. Put them and a portion of the liquid into a heavy 
non-stick pan and start to fry them. No Oil, No Pam, Nothing but the liquid 
from the bean's. You can mash them a little if you want, but they cook down 
to a good consistency for burritos on their own. Throw in some tomatoes and 
diced jalapeno's or chile's and put in a whole wheat tortilla (preferably 
one made from scratch - No Fat) and sprinkle some FF cheese and you have a 
great burrito. I try to make a large pan of this to keep in the fridge. 
That way I have an easy bean dip, or can nuke it later when time is a more 
precious commodity.