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When you're indisposed...

I thought I would relate my recent experiences to the group, mostly because I'm
bored and partly because there's some good food for thought and inspiration in
I'm confined to bed for two weeks (complications of pregnancy) and am only
allowed up to go to the bathroom. No cooking, no quick trips to the kitchen,
very strict. I've got my PowerBook hooked up and balanced awkwardly in bed with
me, and just downloaded a week's worth of FF Digests. It's so good to have all
of you as correspondents!
Anyway, the point of all this is I've had lots of offers of help from friends
and relatives, but everyone is stumped because they don't know what to cook or
bring because I eat so "weird." I solved part of the problem by giving my
sister-in-law and mother-in-law some easy recipes for rice and bean salads,
etc. and most of the ingredients from my pantry. They made these up for me and
I've got them in the fridge, ready to make a quick meal. I was amused that my
MIL finds the mock tuna salad positively revolting - she said she gagged
mashing the beans and has to make my sandwich fast and not look much at it! I
never knew beans could be such a problem to some! Dead fish seems much worse to
I've also been using up the contents of my freezer. A stock of frozen burritos,
FF toaster waffles, garden burgers and such has really helped for breakfast and
dinner - my VERY BUSY husband can stick them in the toaster oven and scoop some
of the salads on a plate and I'm set.
Since I expect I'll be in this same predicament later in my pregnancy and
probably for a much longer time, I'm going to use my time when I'm up and
around getting stocked up on frozen foods and stockpiling recipes. This seems
like a prudent plan for almost anyone - you never know when you're going to be
laid low by illness, and a little preparation is wise!
Take care,
Julie in San Jose