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My Lasagna Again

I made the same lasagna again the other night--well, a little different.  I used 4 portabella mushroom caps 
along with the small zucchini, all chopped and simmered in the sauce.  I also added a layer of pieces of 
roasted red pepper (about 3/4 of a 14-oz. [397g] jar).  The only cheese I used was a couple teaspoons on the 
very top.  In the layers, I used a very light sprinkling of additional nutrirional yeast.  Conversation at 
dinner table:

Husband: This is DELICIOUS!  So meaty, so rich and meaty!
Son: There's no meat.
Husband: Taste it, it's so meaty!
Son: There's no meat in here, Dad.
Husb: What do you mean, there's no meat?
Son: Look at Mom's plate.  Look at the size of her serving.  Would she eat that size serving if it contained 
Husb: No-o-o-o-o...
Son (triumphant): I rest my case.
Me (feeling dangeroously giddy): If you knew what you are really eating...
Son (calmly): I know, I saw the mushrooms on the counter.
Me: So I can't fool you, huh?
Son: Nope.  It's good, though.

Editorial comment: Same son who hates mushrooms, and who said he would leave home if I made him eat tofu.  I 
rest MY case.

--Ruth C. Hoffman    Lake Zurich, IL         
ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  OR  LRLady@xxxxxxx  (either address next few months)
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking 
new landscapes but in having new eyes."     --Marcel Proust