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Home-made Pasta (Mushroom Ravioli)

This is an old post which didn't work - but I kept a copy. I know 
this topic is old hat now but I love the following recipe so much I 
couldn't wait for an appropriate moment to repost it.


I have frozen homemade tagliatelle and ravioli without drying it 
(other than 10 minutes or so in nests on the worktop). It works fine, 
tastes really fresh and cooks from frozen.

The filling I used in the ravioli was mushrooms. For 2 people, use 
6-8oz fresh pasta dough, rolled out to 2mm thick. Take 12oz flat open 
mushrooms and chop finely in processor. Put in frying pan with equal 
quantities of stock and sherry/wine (enough to moisten) and a few 
tbsp soy sauce. Simmer until very thick, very dark, very dry. Leave 
to cool completely and fill ravioli. 

NOTE: Prepare the mushrooms while the dough is resting before 
rolling out.