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Snack idea, Pres. Choice tofu question

I've got a question for the Canadian list members:

In one of the articles we receive after subscribing to the list, there is
a discussion about tofu, and the calories from fat contained within.  It
mentions PC lite tofu as adhering to the list guidlines.

Well, I've looked in Zehrs in Sarnia, Loblaws in London, and Loblaws in
Toronto, and I've only found the PC "regular" tofu.  Does PC lite tofu
still exist, and, if so, where is it?

Okay...I'm almost done rambling...stay with me.  Since I've recently had
the opportunity to cook for more than just myself, I've noticed that not
only have I begun experimenting with new dishes, but also end up with more
leftovers than usual.  SInce I discovered this while on vacation, there
were a few days when I really didn't feel like cooking, but was looking
for a different way to use the leftovers.

At the supermarket, I found mini pita breads that are elliptical
(slightly), with a diameter about the size of a silver dollar.  There are
probably 25 in a bag.  I cut them in half, toasted them in the oven --
*poof* -- little crunchy "scoops" to use for dipping in to the leftovers.
I found them to be a nice textural contrast to the sauces and stews that I
had leftover.

Hardly an earth-shattering discovery, but honestly, I had never thought of
it before.