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Well, I'm breaking this into two parts to see if that explains why it
wasn't submitted.

Well, it's been a while since I was in Phoenix, but I always had good luck
at Minga's Mexican restaurant.  They have a good number of veggie options,
and are very accommodating about cooking without oil.

I was recently in Toronto, and found a number of places to eat.
Unfortunately, I can't remember exact street addresses.  Instead, some
general hints.  There are a good number of noodle houses, and at most of
them, you can pick a veggie broth, the type of noodle, and 3-5 veggies
to add.  It makes a great quick, filling, and cheap ($4.50 Cdn) lunch or
dinner.  Yonge street has a good number of these.

Also, I found V2 (for vegetarian and vegan) on Dundonald, just off of
Yonge, to be a very good restaurant.  They have a salad bar, 2 soups, and
8-10 entrees that change daily.

Lastly, almost all of the office buildings downtown seem to have food
courts in them, and almost all of those have veggie markets that serve
food.  Just hop the subway down to Union, Queen, King -- wherever -- and
you are likely to run across a food court where you can eat.

I'm sure that one of the Canadian subscribers has the web page listing for
Toronto where you can input price range, and location, and get a list of
the veggie restaurants that fit your criteria.

I think that Zoe asked about 300g of mushrooms.  This is almost exactly
2/3 of a pound (.66).