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Seitan in Germany


I also live in Germany and I have indeed seen Seitan!  It was called, surprisingly enough, "Seitan".  I don't know of any other name that it masquerades under here.  You may have more luck finding it if you go into more out of the way, less commercialised health food stores (i.e., _not_ Vitalia, etc.).  I am also interested in trying to make my own and am working up the courage to do so (I have a number of recipes with basically the same "methodology").  

If you have not discovered it yet, there is a Quark here (hmm, don't know what this is in English) that is 0,2 percent fat - my favourite evening treat is to mix some of it with a bit of honey and then lump on some Rote Grueze...Anyways, I think it's nice that we have something here that the Americans (BTW I am one) don't have since they always go on and on about all those products that are inattainable here!!

Victoria Reed
Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich