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Re: Oatrim

According to the New York Times (article on 8/8/96) and the Center for 
Science in the Public Interest, Oatrim is not (yet, probably) available 
for sale by itself.  It was developed by the agriculture department and 
is part of the _actual_ ingredient of this new milk, Replace.  Replace 
has thickeners and stabilizers in it as well as Oatrim.

Oatrim is basically hydrolyzed oat flour derived in such a way that it 
separates the soluable dietary fibers from the oat bran itself;  one of the 
fibers is supposed to lower cholesterol.  However, it is important to 
note that there has only been one study done with Oatrim that included 
only 37 subjects, who were also eating low-fat.  The researchers are 
not sure whether the effects are from Oatrim alone, from Oatrim in 
combination with the lf lifestyle or just from the lifestyle change.

Apparently, Replace also is only effective in this milk if you are 
drinking a glass plain -- if you add the stuff to cereal, coffee or other 
foods the taste difference disappears.

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