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back from the Olympics

Last evening we pulled in the driveway from over a week in Atlanta, 
experiencing the Olympics.  A few VLF veggie-related observations:

1) we were too busy to get to any of the vegetarian restaurants outside 
the venues.  However, right near the entrance to Olympic Stadium was a 
temporary shack called "Vege Delights" that served veggie hot dogs and 

2) in the venues themselves, we were forced to content ourselves with 
unsalted pretzels, low-fat apple dumplings (only at the GA dome during 
gymnastics and basketball) and Minute Maid Frozen Lemon dessert, most 
likely well-enhanced with sugar.

3) it was surprising how much vlf veggie stuff was available at the local 
Kroger supermarket in Lawrenceville, northeast of Atlanta and where we were 
staying.  Never darkened the door of a HFS while in Atlanta.

4) while visiting a friend in Rock Hill, SC on Monday after the games, we 
got a very good no-cheese covered-with-veggies pizza at the White Horse 

And to Juan Antonio Samaranch, I only have one thing to say, and it would 
be inapproriate to this list.  Suffice to say that, despite the bombing 
and the long lines, it was the best Olympics ever.

Jim Massey               
Humanities, Polk Community College, Lakeland, FL