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yogurt cheese ingredients

Jenny,   The only nutritional info I have found about yogurt cheese is
based on a website designed to sell you a yogurt cheese funnel for $10.
According to "Mike's Famous Yogurt Cheese Maker" page (usual disclaimer),
yogurt cheese is high in calcium, low in sodium, high in protein, and low
in lactose (sugar) (which is probably why it can taste a little sour).  I
assume the salt and sugar go into the whey along with the liquid, but I
never tasted it to find out.  I am under the impression that it is lowfat
because I start with yogurt made from skim milk, but I guess if it also
loses sugar, that further reduces calories, but I don't know by how much.
That's the full extent of my knowledge on the topic -- hope it helps!

Jill Bankus
Hershey Medical Center/PSU