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Betsy (eschmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) asked about mail order 
sources for TVP.  

Plain TVP and some flavored varieties should be available in health
food stores (plentiful in the Cambridge or Boston area). 

One should be able to find boxed or bulk TVP in flakes or granules, 
plus chili, beef or sausage flavors, and more. If it is available in 
bulk, try a small amount first - some people don't care for the taste 
or the texture. TVP is almost always low in fat, but very high in 
protein and natural glutamates (if you're sensitive to MSG, you may 
find a similar reaction to TVP).

I don't like the flakes, as they seem to mush up. The granules 
rehydrate to form a ground beef-like substance, good for chili, 
shepherd's pie, sloppy joe, taco filling, etc. Plain TVP is mostly 
void of flavor, so various vegetable broths (beef, chicken flavors) 
or other spices can help when added to the water while rehydrating. 
(About 7/8 of a cup of boiling water for each cup of TVP, then let 
it sit a few minutes. Add near the end for stews, liquid dishes)

I recommend TVP for people in transition from a SAD to a vegetarian
diet, for those who still crave meats. Use it in moderation - the 
very high protein content can lead to hypocalciurea, and eventually 
to osteoporosis.

Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM