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Dixie USA vs Harvest Direct

On Aug. 5,1996 Betty Schmidt wrote:
>I am interested in ordering some of the TVP products from either Dixie USA
>or Harvest Direct..............

As an ex M**T Burger lover, I used to buy a Burger Mix from Harvest Direct
called Midland Harvest, but they now only offer a cheap substitute,called
Prolean or something. I didn't like this at all. So I am ordering the
Midland Harvest Original Burger & Loaf from Dixie USA, and love it.
  Hint: I add one tablespoon of  Liquid Smoke to the box directions and
microwave patties for two minutes, this gives them a great texture and
taste, this has got to be the best VEGGIE burger I have ever had by far.
Dixie USA also sells the unflavered TVP called B**f Not. My wife and I use
it in all our old regular ( when we still ate m**t) recipes (casseroles,
m**tloaf, Lasagna, etc ). Dixie also sends Recipes and Nutritional info with
their TVP Products.
   P.S. Prevention Magazine (Aug. issue ) talkes about Dixie USA's B**f Not
being THEIR favorite brand of TVP. They give the Phone number to order as