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Brazilian Bananas

When you need something sweet, but no too much fat.
Note: In the US, animal products are used in the process of refining sugar.

1)Brazilian Banana for Dessert (Stovetop)

1 banana (medium banana=120 cal)
refined sugar( 1 tbsp=45 cal,no fat )

Put banana in a pan with boiling water and let it cook until it's soft
(test with a fork).
Remove, peel and cut it open in half, lenghtwise. Sprinkle with sugar
and cinamon. Serve warm.

2)Brazilian Banana for Dessert (Microwave)

1 banana (medium banana-120 cal)
refined sugar(1 tabsp=45 cal, no fat)

Cut banana in thin slices. Arrange slices on a microwavable
plate and sprinkle with sugar. Microwave until
the sugar melts and the banana is cooked ( 3 min in my microwave
but might be less time in more powerful microwaves). Serve warm.

3)Brazilian Quick Banana for Breakfast ( No cooking)
(When you're in a hurry in the morning)

1 banana
honey (1 Tablespoon=60 cal, 0 fat)
wheatbran (optional)

Mash the banana with a fork. Mix in honey and wheatbran.