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Question for McDougallers

Hi all --

This is a question for those of you that follow the McDougall plan... if this
doesn't interest you feel free to hit <delete> right off the bat! :-)

I'm very interested in trying this plan, but I have questions about the
difference between his 12 day plan and the maximum weight loss diet.
Basically, what are the differences between the two... and after the 12 day
plan is one supposed to switch over to m.w.l. or what? 

Also, as far as forbidden foods -- I'm clear on the "no animal products"
concept. I'm not sure where the line is drawn as far as grains go -- is
regular pasta okay, for example? Also, is coffee forbidden, if so, why?

I'm hoping to get some information from some of you kind folks... I should
probably buy his book but right now I'm on a *really* tight budget so I
thought I could at least get the basics from the list.

Thanks in advance for any help!