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tofu-chicken-stirfry recipe

Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 20:10:09 -0700
From: (JulieKB61@aol.com)

Tofu "chicken" stirfry

When I first bought silken tofu, I didn't know what I was doing, but I put it
in the freezer (in the box) as I'd read that it changes the consistency.   It
does, nicely.  

1) Thaw box of frozen tofu, and open.  
2) Squeeze out water with your hands.  
3) Shred the tofu with a knife or other tool...into bite sized peices.  
4) Squirt soy sauce and  shake powdered ginger  into pieces.
5) add to stirfried vegetables.  Many carnivours would not recognize this as
tofu, since the soy sauce colors and the ginger flavors.

I have an ff stirfry sauce that came from the Argo cornstarch box years ago,
but bottles sauces are readily available now.  

kwvegan vegan