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heavenly-tofu recipe

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 05:44:35 -0800
From: RubyTues59@aol.com
Message-ID: (49.180d021.25ee77b6@aol.com)

Heavenly Tofu 

1 block of tofu (approx 300gm) 
3 cups of cooked brown or white rice (1 cup uncooked) 
1 bunch of fresh English spinach 
half bunch of fresh coriander 
A dusting of turmeric 
2 tbsp soy sauce (or more to taste) 
1 cup of water 

Rinse and chop coriander. Slice tofu into cubes. Begin to cook rice (10 min 
in microwave 600w, let stand for another 5). 

Heat sprayed saucepan, add coriander and turmeric and cook on low heat for a 
minute, using a little water if too dry. Add the cup of water, the soy sauce 
and the cubed tofu. Cover and simmer for the time it takes for the rice to 
cook. Check every now and then in case more water needs to be added. The tofu 
should be plump and there should be a "broth" simmering. 

Rinse, de-stalk and roughly chop spinach (rinse well otherwise bits of grit 
end up in the dinner!) and a couple of minutes before rice is ready, add the 
chopped spinach to the saucepan. Cover and simmer until spinach is just 

Serve rice in bowls, heap on the tofu/spinach mix and add a generous serving 
of the "broth". 

This is a favourite with our 5 year old son. Can be adapted with crushed 
chilli for a spicier version. We find it quite addictive. 

Serves: 3-4 
Preparation time: 25 min 

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