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braised-tofu recipe

Date:    Mon, 24 Jan 94 18:01:15 PST
 From:    Barbara Zimmerman (barbara@crl.com)
 Braised Tofu
 1 pound tofu, firm, cubed
 assorted veggies, broccoli, carrot, mushroom, chopped fine cauliflower 
 flowerets, zucchini
 Rice Vinegar
 garlic powder 3/4 teas.
 garlic salt 1 teas.
 Marinate tofu in sauce mixture for one hour or more (preferably longer).
 Braise tofu by adding some sauce mixtrue in frying pan and lay pieces 
 flat in pan and then cook.  turn over half way through.  Cook tofu until 
 liquid is pretty much gone.  Put it all together and eat.  Yummy!
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