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gimme-lean-sausage-stuffing recipe

Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 22:17:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: JBennicoff@aol.com

I found this one at the Light Life site. I use Gimme Lean quite a bit
for making meatless loafs and balls.

Gimme Lean Sausage Stuffing

Great for Thanksgiving and late fall harvest of squash

1/2 pkg. Gimmme Lean Sausage Style or beef style
1/4 cup onions (minced)
1 cup water
3 cups plain bread crumbs
1/8 tsp. pepper
2 Tbsp veggie broth
1/4 cup celery (finely chopped)
1 bouillon cube
1 tsp. poultry seasoning
1 cup apple sauce or
2 large apples (thinly sliced)

Saute  onions and celery in veggie broth.  Cook until soft.
Crumble Gimme Lean into the pan to brown; chopping into fine pieces with 
spatula as it cooks. When browned, add water, bouillon, bread crumbs and 
seasoning. Remove from heat and mix well adding the apple sauce.
(If using apples, add water, bouillon and apples.
Cook until apples are soft before adding the bread crumbs and 
seasoning). Lightly oil pan and add sausage stuffing. Bake in 400degree oven
for 25 

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