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couscous-stuffing recipe

Date:    Mon, 20 Sep 93 23:25:07 CDT
 From:    (U33754%UICVM@UIC.EDU)
 Mock Chicken Stuffing
 2 cups cooked rice (can be leftover refridgerated, not too old or dry)
 handful of dried currants
 handful of dried (sweetened) cranberries
 2 cups couscous
 2 German celery stalks (they're one of the easiest veggies to grow, very
 3 tbs nutritional yeast
 salt to taste
 Boil some water, add couscous, chopped up celery stalks, and dried fruit.
 Cook 4 minutes or until couscous is tender.  Drain.  Blend the steaming
 hot couscous with the cold cooked rice, add nutritional yeast, stir, and
 salt to taste.  Serve immediately.  Tastes chickeney (if there's such a
 word, savory might be more appropriate here), and the yeast really adds
 to it flavorwise, as well as the extra nutrients.
 Version 2: Just cook couscous with a savory herb or a veggie like German
 celery, for 4 minutes.  Drain.  Stir in nutritional yeast and salt to
 taste.  This is yummy.  Can't tell which is yummier.
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