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stuffed-tomatoes recipe

Date:    Thu, 02 Mar 95 17:03:56 GMT
 From:    "Paul Carreno" (PCARRENO@acserv.ad.cowan.edu.au)
 Stuffed Tomatoes
 (4 persons)
 8 tomatoes
 200grs red lentils or similar.
 1 onion (cut in thin strips)
 1 carrot (diced)
 1 celery stick (diced)
 1 cube of vegetable flavour (Oxo or similar)
 sprinkle of ground cummin
 3 tbs of broth or balsamic vinegar or wine, etc for "sauteeing"soem b
 some bread crumbs ( approx 3 large spoons)
 fresh coriander or substitute
 salt/pepper (to taste/optional)
 Boil lentils (salt to taste). Put vegetable cube in and boil
 for 15 minutes. At the same time, saute the onion. When
 brown add carrot, celery and cook by moving the mix
 with a spoon (I use a wooden spoon). Add red lentils, bread
 crumbs and incorporate with vegetables.
 At this point is a good idea to test for taste with salt, pepper
 and  cummin. At the end, add coriander, mix and put aside.
 Cut the top of tomatoes and remove core, ( I save it to
 use as a sandwich spread), drain juice and fill them with stuffing.
 Bake for 45 min on Low.
 Bon apetit!!!
 kwvegan vegan