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stuffed-mushrooms-4 recipe

Date:    Thu, 12 May 94 09:36:38 MDT
 From:    K_SWOPE@ojc.colorado.edu
 Stuffed Mushrooms
 Wash and de-stem mushrooms for meal (I figure about 6-8 large caps per person)
 Chop stems and 6-8 whole mushrooms
 Add equal amounts (equal to chopped stems/caps above) of:
  shredded carrots
  finely chopped onions
 Add 1-2 small crushed/minced/pureed cloves of garlic
 Add 3-4 pieces of bread cubed small
 You may also add:  salt, pepper, Italian herbs if you wish.  About a dash of
 each--perhaps a little more of the Italian herbs
 Put all ingredients in a nonstick fry pan and cook till reduced and browned
 (On occassion I've stirred in a handfull of cheese (lowfat or nondairy) and
 allowed it to melt some.
 Fill caps with "stuffing" mixture.  Sprinkle w/paprika.  Broil till tops are
 browned and the caps soften and begin to release their moisture.  Serve hot
 w/asparagus spears and sectioned oranges.
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