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mushroom-stuffed-potatoes recipe

Date:    Tue, 17 Aug 93 17:49:44 EDT
 From:    epochsys!aiko@uunet.uu.net (Aiko Pinkoski)
 (2.9 g fat, 294 calories per serving, 9% calories from fat, 
 72 mg sodium, 6.3 g dietary fiber, recipe makes 4 servings).
 Tofu mushroom stuffed baked potatoes
 4 med. to large baking potatoes
 1 1/3 c chopped onions
 1 1/3 c chopeed mushrooms
 1/2 tsp sage
 dash white pepper (optional) -- I used fresh black
 8 oz firm tofu, drained & mashed (1.5 cups)
  (the book contradicts itself saying for the creamiest texture, soft
   tofu is preferred.  I used soft.)
 3 TBSP finely chopped parsley
 1 TBSP prepared mustard, spicy or dijon
 1/2 tsp honey
 Bake potatoes in preheated 425 F oven for 40 - 60 minutes. In the meantime,
 begin preparing filling.
 Combine onion, mushrooms and sage in skillet.  Cover and stew 5 minutes
 over medium heat until mushrooms become tender and release their 
 juices.  Season with pepper.
 Cut baked potatoes in half lengthwise & scoop out insides, leaving a 
 shell that is about 1/4 in thick.
 Combine scooped out potato with tofu, parsley, mustard and honey.  Mash
 together making the mixture as smooth as possible.  Stir in mushroom-
 onion mixture.
 Fill potato skins with tofu-potato mixture, mounding the filling above
 the shell.  Sprinkle generously with paprika.  Place on baking sheet
 and bake at 375 F for 20 mintues.
 kwhoney honey